Time To Get Those Gutters Cleaned

Lil Squirt Power Washing Now Offering Gutter Cleaning Service Now that fall is here and with the cooler weather on the way you can start to get excited for things like cozy sweaters, pumpkin pie and of course, brilliant coloured leaves falling from the trees. While these leaves can certainly draw the eye while they are still on tree branches, … Read More

Frequently Asked Questions About Pressure Washing

We Answer Your Most Asked Power Washing Questions When it comes to professional quality pressure washing services, there is a lot more to the process than simply spraying surfaces with high pressure water streams to remove stains and dirt. At Lil Squirt Power Washing, we approach each job according to the specific needs of the property or surface being cleaned. … Read More

Commercial Pressure Washing Services For Your Business

Commercial Pressure Washing

Lil Squirt Offers A Wide Range Of Commercial Pressure Washing Services Lil Squirt Power Washing is pleased to be able to offer commercial business owners throughout the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley a wide range of top quality power washing services at highly competitive prices. Check out the description of each service below that will help keep your commercial property … Read More

Exterior Home Washing: How Often Do I Need to Wash My House?

Exterior Home Washing Tips When it comes to Exterior Home Washing, Pressure washing the exterior on a house is not just a good idea in terms of overall appearance and curb appeal. While it is definitely true that a clean house always looks better, you also should maintain the exterior cleanliness of your home to ensure that any material on … Read More

Roof Cleaning: Do I Need to Clean My Roof Every Year?

Is Annual Roof Cleaning Necessary? When it comes to power washing the exterior of a home, most people agree that washing once a year is sufficient to maintain the cleanliness as well as the integrity of the house. Wood, brick and vinyl siding are all susceptible to build-ups of dirt, mildew, moss and mold if not regularly cleaned, but an … Read More

Fence Power Washing: Is It Safe For My Fence?

How Safe Is Pressure Washing Fences Pressure washers are impressive machines when you consider the fact that they often require nothing but highly pressurized water to remove dirt and stains off of virtually any surface. Although pressure washing may seem like a simple solution when it comes to cleaning exterior surfaces around your home, it is important to know when … Read More

Power Washing Services to Prepare for Summer

Leave The Power Washing To Lil Squirt With summer right around the corner and the warm weather on the way, its time to head outside and enjoy the outdoors! Before you get to all the fun and relaxation however, you may want to consider giving your property a thorough cleaning with the help of the friendly team at Lil Squirt … Read More

5 Reasons to Use a Roof Cleaning Service

Maple Ridge Weather Can Wreak Havoc On Your Roof Most residents living in the Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows and Mission areas of British Columbia’s lower mainland are more than familiar with everything the weather has to throw at their roofs. Rain, snow and windy weather are just a few things that can cause a clutter of leaves, branches and other … Read More