Spring Gutter Cleaning From Lil Squirt Power Washing

Start the year off right by getting your gutters cleaned by Lil Squirt Power Washing. During winter, your gutters can accumulate a lot of debris, pollution, dirt, and grime. Lil Squirt will clean the insides and outsides of your gutters to make sure they work well and look attractive. Prepare for Spring Rain by Getting Your Gutters Cleaned Companies design … Read More

Gutter Services

If you have noticed your gutters are full of leaves and leaking or you just want to arrange preventative maintenance and cleaning, Lil Squirt Power Washing is the company to call. Unfortunately, gutters aren’t always top of the list when it comes to regular maintenance of your property. That’s because you rarely need to think about them until they develop … Read More

Commercial Cleaning

Do you want to sell a condominium at a decent (or more than decent) price? Would you like to impress your tenants and visitors? If so, curb appeal is crucial. Of course, clean surfaces are major factors in curb appeal. But how do you keep your condo’s exterior appealing no matter the weather, the wear and tear, and the mud … Read More

Christmas Light Installation From Lil Squirt

Christmas Lighting Maple Ridge BC

You want your home or business to look festive for the holidays, but you don’t want to expose yourself to the cold weather and risk of falling off a ladder. Lil Squirt offers Christmas light installation services that will make your building look beautiful for you. Free Design Consultation for Homes and Businesses Lil Squirt aims to exceed your expectations, … Read More

Invest in the Long Term with Parkade Cleaning

Parking Garage Pressure Washing Maple Ridge BC

We take issue with the term “curb appeal.” It indicates that a property’s first impression needs to start at the curb – at the ground level. But in reality, that first impression takes shape the moment a customer enters your property. And often, that begins below ground. Our Parkade Cleaning Process Parkades are a pivotal part of a business. This … Read More

Curb Appeal Starts with a Clean Exterior

You’ve found the home you want to retire in. You’re flipping a property. You’ve just purchased a starter home. There are a lot of different faces to home ownership, but one thing remains standard: your property is a big part of your life. And when you look at your home exterior, you should always feel proud. The not-so-secret ingredient of curb … Read More

The Secret to Long-Lasting Siding

Lil Squirt Power Washing Maple Ridge, BC

Want to stretch the lifetime of your siding for as long as possible? We do, too. When it comes to preserving the quality of your home exterior, you’re in luck. There are a few simple things you can do to invest in the longevity of your home, and it all starts with preventative maintenance. Your partner in property preservation Siding … Read More

Our Apartment Complex Cleaning Menu

Power Washing maple Ridge BC

Simplify, streamline, and maximize impact: these are the three principles that guide every Lil Squirt Pressure Washing service. And these goals are particularly important when it comes to our multi-unit property managers. Your Partner for a Flawless Property We know that you have a bevy of responsibilities – and we know that you don’t have time for an apartment complex … Read More

Happy Tenants = A Happy Property Manager

Condo/Townhome/HOA Cleaning

Every day is an adventure when you manage a multi-unit property. But Lil Squirt Pressure Washing will help you ensure that the essentials of property maintenance are always covered. Our Apartment Complex Cleaning Promise The real estate market is competitive – and it’s far preferable to retain tenants than it is to be on the lookout for new residents. With … Read More

Maintain Compliance with an Exterior Cleaning Plan

Condo/Townhome/HOA Cleaning

Managing a property that multiple residents call home can be a balancing act. But with an exterior cleaning plan in place, you can create a framework for property success – and ensure code compliance, too. Understanding Compliance For condos, stratas, town homes, and apartment buildings, property maintenance isn’t just good for curb appeal. It’s a mandate. Landlord liability extends to … Read More