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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Pressure washing with the wrong amount of pressure or with the wrong chemicals can damage your home in many ways. We are very professional when dealing with our client’s property. We make sure to use the correct chemicals and the correct pressure so that we do not damage any property.
We have spent a considerable amount of time researching and exploring the chemicals we use. We only use safe, biodegradable and effective cleaners that will not harm your landscape. The chemicals that are used change depending on the service that is needed. When washing a roof we typically use a professional roof soap mixed with sodium hypochlorite that will kill the algae, moss and mold spores. This is not the same as the bleach that you find at your grocery or hardware store, which can damage your siding or plants if used incorrectly. A gentler soap that is specifically made for vinyl siding is used for your siding.
The term “soft washing” is the process of using specialized equipment at very low pressure to apply chemicals that kill mold and mildew. The mold and mildew is killed instead of just rinsed off the surface. Lil Squirt Power Washing has state of the art professional equipment and we use the right mix of soaps that allows us to soft wash your home safely and effectively.
Absolutely not. Somewhere, somehow there has become a negative view on using bleaches and chlorines. Using these chemicals is actually recommended by the roof manufacturers. They actually go on to say that high pressure washing systems should NOT be used for removing algae. The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) has written a technical bulletin addressing proper cleaning procedures for asphalt shingle roofs with this growth, and it is those procedures that we follow exclusively. As for your plants and grass, we take all precautions in handling your landscaping. We have two to three person teams to help make sure everything is watered before, during and after to dilute all chemicals. We take care of your home and lawn as though it is our own.
All of the work is done personally by me (Shawn), the owner, along with my experienced assistant. I am a licensed and insured business owner.
Absolutely NOT! Anyone can purchase a pressure washer. Simply owning a pressure washer and advertising a service doesn’t mean you can operate it effectively or safely. A pressure washer in the hands of an unskilled operator can do a great deal of harm. Commercial power washing/soft washing equipment and accessories are specialized, high quality tools. If someone is offering “the lowest price,” they could be cutting corners somewhere, whether its with equipment, cleaning solutions, insurance or quality of services.
You do not need to be home when the work is done, but any gates should be accessible, your driveway and deck should be clear, and you should put away any fragile decorations. Also, any dogs should be secured inside the home and all windows and doors must be closed.
The black streaks are mold, algae and lichen, and it is actually living on and eating your shingles. The algae is called Gloeocapsa Magma. In the late 1980’s, roofing manufacturers reformulated asphalt shingles, removing some asphalt and replacing it with crushed limestone. This limestone is the food source for the algae. Left untreated, this can shorten shingle life and increase electric bills due to the loss of the reflective granules. Algae growth on roofs occurs to varying degrees in all regions of the country, especially those subjected to warm, humid conditions. Nearly all types of roofing are susceptible to streaking and discoloration. It is most visible on lighter colored roofs and less visible on darker shades of roofing. Utilizing our “Soft Wash” cleaning method, combined with the highest quality cleaning solutions, we rid your roof of these unsightly black streaks.
A few benefits of pressure washing are eliminating mold and mildew for your health, better curb appeal, safety, and increased property value.
The dark stains you are seeing is mold, mildew or algae. All mold needs to grow is moisture (humidity) and a food source and it will grow anywhere. Mold can be removed with low pressure and the right chemicals. Mold and mildew around your home create unhealthy conditions for those with allergies and asthma.
The black streaks on your gutters are in the oxidation layer of the paint. The black streaks can be removed with low pressure and the right chemicals.
The white powdery stuff is called Efflorescence. It is caused when water seeps through and dissolves salts inside then evaporates leaving the salt on the surface. It can be removed with the right pressure and chemicals.
Wood turns gray because it is being exposed to water and the sun. After wood turns gray, you can bring the color back by washing it and then staining and sealing it. In order to prevent your wood from turning graying, stain and seal your deck or fence every 2 years. It can be done for 90% less than the cost of replacing the fence.