Your parking garage is the heart of your business — it’s where customers come and go, where employees arrive and leave. Our goal is to make this entry and exit point a safe, welcoming, and sanitary environment!

Map Out Your Parking Garage Cleaning Calendar

Parking garages deal with a lot of wear and tear. So their cleaning needs are a little more rigorous than other parts of your property. We always recommend the following rule of thumb for our clients:
• Annual cleanings for all commercial properties. In the Pacific Northwest, the elements — and the residue that vehicles bring with them — have a deteriorative effect on your parking garage. This ensures your property gets the protection it needs.
• Twice-a-year cleanings for high-traffic areas. This is due to the salts and other contaminants that get into the garage surfaces. They eventually get absorbed into the concrete parking surfaces and soon will cause the rebar to rot out. When this happens the concrete begins to leak, crack and in the worst case scenario, the garage itself can be condemned.

Our Innovative Cleaning Process

Your parking garage is a special case. It needs a cleaning solution that goes above and beyond the call of duty — and our team can deliver. We use:
• State-of-the-art hot and cold water pressure washing machines, which deliver solutions that range to up to 4000 PSI.
• Hot water pressure washing capability that uses up to 200-degree water heat. This delivers the best cleaning power to your property.
• Lightening methods that reduce or even completely remove stain buildup on your surfaces.
• Knowledgeable staff dedicated to bringing out the best in your property — and in delivering results that last for the long run.

Our knowledgeable staff is experienced on how to lighten, or when possible remove stains completely.

Each parking garage cleaning is approached based on the existing conditions, and we will use the correct products and methods specific to your facility’s cleaning and maintenance requirements.

A lot of the parking areas we clean require the Hot Water Pressure approach which uses VERY hot water and the most effective cleaning solutions for the job. Parking garages are likely to have things like grease and oil stains, caked on salt from the roads, perhaps old chewing gum stuck on for a long time. By using the Hot Water approach, all of these elements are completely removed, and we know you will simply be amazed at the end result. By negotiating today for a maintenance contract we can provide you some good discounts for this job and for the future, and you will know that future jobs will not require the extensive cleaning the first one normally does.

A Better Cleaning Solution

Lil Squirt Power Washing knows the best way to keep your parking garage or lot facility clean, safe and inviting all year round. There’s no need to track down a reputable cleaning company and field multiple bids — our team has you covered.
And when you choose to use our routine maintenance program, we make things even simpler. Our technicians simply show up at the pre-scheduled date and time and get the job done right the first time and every time!

Why choose us?

Just as you take a lot of pride in the property you are managing, we take a lot of pride in the business we are running and the services we provide. We know that our future depends on how well we do today! We tell people to check us out – take a look at the Customer Service satisfaction ratings and the Customer Reviews. We pride ourselves at being at the top of the list for service and work hard to keep us there. We’re a locally owned small business and we’re in the business for the long haul. We know if we can satisfy you the first time there’s a good chance at some repeat business and in some word of mouth promotion. We won’t leave your job until you are satisfied with the job! Not a lot of other companies stand behind their work as we do. Please give us a call….we would love to earn your business and provide you with a very cost-competitive estimate. We will gladly visit your location and review your situation with you, so we both understand what is required and what is being quoted on.

Thanks for reading this!