Aldergrove might be a portal to the US-Canada border and just a stone’s throw from Vancouver, but it’s an urban hub with its own unique identity. Lil Squirt Power Washing, Inc. delivers professional pressure washing and exterior cleaning services to this special Langley community.

Pressure Washing Services

You have searched for Pressure Washing to get an understanding of what cleaning service might be best for your home or other property, and an idea of what costs might be incurred to achieve what you want.

The following information, together with information on other pages of our website is designed to help you understand the different processes we offer, and when they would be used and to help determine costs for different situations.

There are three terminologies commonly used to describe Exterior Washing Services provided for different situations:

Pressure Washing, Power Washing and Soft House Washing.

Some projects work best with high pressure (2000-3000 psi) and others with lower pressure (1250-2000 psi)
• Decks (Low pressure)
• Railings (Low pressure)
• Wood Fences (Medium pressure)
• Vinyl Fences (Medium pressure
• Asphalt (Medium pressure)
• Concrete Driveways & Sidewalks (High pressure)
• Metal Patio Furniture (High pressure)
• Stone and Pavers (High pressure)

Some require the use of professional cleaning solutions, while some simply require water pressure to provide the required solution.

Pressure Washing

– These words are used to describe the use of high pressures on certain elements that can and do require pressure to clean the grime, etc. imbedded into them. A concrete driveway would be a good example of where higher pressure washing together with appropriate cleaners will do the best job without damaging the surface.

Power Washing

– Is simply the use of an appropriate power level to distribute exactly the right amount of power with our water and cleaners to most effectively tackle the elements on your home. The main difference here is the use of VERY hot water in a combination with the right pressure and detergents. Our professional staff are knowledgeable and experienced in determining the effective pressures and cleaning solutions to do the job without damaging either your home or your landscaping, etc.

Soft House Washing

– Does just that – we simply do not use high water pressure to ensure no damage is done to your property, and at the same time we know the appropriate cleaning solutions that can assist in getting the necessary job done without damaging your home or surroundings. This approach helps kill the mold, algae, mildew and dirt to keep the issue from spreading while at the same time does not damage your exterior finishes.

Your home is probably your largest investment, and an important part of your life. Keeping the exterior clean doesn’t just give you a source of pride, it also keeps mold and mildew from damaging your home’s paint and building materials.

Our well-trained, professional technicians are experienced in exterior cleaning, and know how much pressure to use and which cleaners will work best on any exterior surface. Our crews have years of experience in cleaning homes, and are licensed, bonded, and insured. Call us today and find out for yourself how reasonable our rates are.

House Washing

We will clean your home’s exterior with detergent and gentle pressure. This beautifies your home and prevents mildew from damaging it.

Deck Washing

This will clean off spills and accumulated dust and dirt, and remove mildew that attacks your stain and timbers. This leaves you with a pleasant, appealing deck again.

Pavement Restoration

This removes old sand, weeds, and algae. We then refill the joints with polymeric jointing sand, which holds the pavers in place and prevents weeds from returning. We then apply a sealer to enhance the appearance and prevent the algae from returning.

Roof Cleaning

To preserve your shingles, we clean your roof of dirt, mold, algae, mildew and remove any black algae streaks. These elements erode your shingles and roof by attacking the materials that they are made of.

We know the eternal debate that comes with home improvement projects: is it better to do it myself, or should I hire an expert to get the job done?

And while some projects are definitely best left in the hands of the homeowner, there are a few major exceptions. And pressure washing is one of them.

Key Benefits of Professional Pressure Washing

Each time we schedule a pressure washing service, we outline a few key benefits to expect from the solution. These perks include:

You save time.

A do-it-yourself pressure washing service will eat up your entire day off. After renting equipment, reading instructions, and setting up the system, you’ve already spent a few hours on the job – and you haven’t even started pressure washing yet. The biggest downside? After the longtime investment, results tend to be subpar at best.

You save money.

With a professional pressure washing service, you have the leadership of a team who has all the equipment and cleaning products we need to get the job done. You don’t have to rent pressure washing equipment – but even more importantly, you will need to complete pressure washing projects less frequently.

You get better quality.

With a professional pressure washing service, you don’t just get great results. You get great results that last. We’ve invested in the industry’s best technology to ensure that the quality you get is nothing short of exceptional.

You get comprehensive solutions.

Dirty patio? No problem. Stained driveway? We’ve got it. Home exterior in need of a facelift? Count on us. We handle all your exterior cleaning needs – and you can expect the best from each solution.

There’s power in pressure washing done right. And there’s also power in valuing your time and effort. When you turn to our experts for the job, you know you’re getting exceptional quality. But you’re also saving yourself the time, the hassle, and the investment of a do-it-yourself pressure washing project.

We understand the best solutions for every situation and are therefore able to deliver the best approach with the most effective results in a timely and cost-effective fashion. Call us for a quote!