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Roof Cleaning

 Start your property investment from the top! Lil Squirt Power Washing is your roof cleaning expert, so you can know you’re protected by each and every shingle.

Roof Cleaning in Action


A Helping Hand for Your Roof


The roof on our house is designed to protect us from the harsh outside elements. It shields us from the sun, rain, and snow. It keeps dirt, dust, debris, bird waste and much more at bay. But while your roof is actively protecting your home, it’s also getting exposed to a lot of wear and tear.

Additionally, there are organisms that are constantly eating away at your shingles. These organisms cause the roof to age prematurely and cause ugly black streaks.

We often neglect to clean our roof and doing so can begin to have a negative effect. Consider that routine cleaning:

  • Is manufacturer-recommended. Roof manufacturers recommend that you clean your roof to maintain your warranty.
  • Protects you from a roof replacement. Neglecting to clean your roof can cause it to need to be replaced much sooner than it should be.
  • Brings out beautiful curb appeal. When your roof is covered with black streaks and dirt, it doesn’t look pretty.
  • Preserves property value. With routine roof cleaning, you can help your property value stay at its best.


Lil Squirt Power Washing is the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley’s premier roof cleaning service. Most homeowners are surprised when they see how dirty their roof was after washing it. Get ready to experience the “after!”



Your Roof Cleaning Experts


When washing your roof it is important that it is done right by a trained and experienced professional with the right equipment. Lil Squirt Power Washing uses:

  • A specialized soft wash technique that utilizes low pressure and effective cleaning solutions to remove the toughest elements.
  • State of the art equipment to clean your roof the way that is recommended by the roofing manufacturers.
  • Superior safety practices, with experience and training in ladder safety to ensure no accidents happen on your property.

Your roof is sensitive to pressure and can be damaged quickly if not done correctly. This low-pressure technique ensures that we get your roof clean, while not causing any costly damage to your roof. We’re not just a pressure washing company.

We’re proud to be a team of perfectionist technicians – and we promise that this quality shines through in all of our work. We provide roof washing and pressure washing services throughout the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley area.