Moss Removal Maple Ridge BC

“Green” is a great way to describe the Northwest. We have a lush landscape and a climate to match. But while we love the place we call home, it can wreak havoc on our own homes.

That’s where moss removal matters. Lil Squirt Power Washing is your expert in moss removal, so you can bask in everything wonderful about this part of the country — without it doing a number on your property value.

Why Moss Removal Matters

Think about the characteristics of moss. It thrives in wet, shady climates. And it just so happens that your roof creates an ideal habitat. But that’s where the trouble starts. When moss accumulates on your shingles, your home is exposed to a number of issues, including:

  • Water retention
    Moss absorbs moisture, so it essentially acts as a stockpile for rainwater. While your roof is well-prepared to deal with the occasional rainy day, it should never be exposed to 24/7 rainwater accumulation.
  • Rot and decay
    When prolonged moisture exposure happens, it makes your shingles and roof soffits vulnerable to rot. What follows next isn’t pretty: your roofing begins to decay, and your wallet pays the price.
  • Mold infestation
    Where moss goes, mold follows. It’s essential to stop this problem before it starts — otherwise, you have a costly issue that is also dangerous to your health.

Our Moss Removal Solution

Moss shouldn’t be a part of your home decor — and Lil Squirt Power Washing ensures that it stays far away from your roofing. Our team utilizes a professional moss removal solution that delivers short and long-term value. We invest in the wellbeing of your property with:

  • Deep-penetrating cleaners that kill moss buildup at its root. This means that we aren’t just removing the existing mold buildup; we’re also investing in a protective method that lasts.
  • Preventative products that don’t just kill existing moss growth: they also prevent future moss growth from making a surprise comeback.
  • Rigorous safety practices that keep your property accident-free during the service. Our ladder safety protocol will ensure that everything goes smoothly and safely.
  • Perfectionist technicians who are dedicated to the success of your property. The result: you aren’t getting a service that falls anything short of “transformative.”

Our Moss Removal Gallery

With Lil Squirt Power Washing, your moss issues are a thing of the past. Reclaim your curb appeal, hold onto your property value, and get a moss removal service that gets it all right the first time!