Gutter Washing Maple Ridge BC

Gutter Brightening

Rainy weather? No problem. With clean gutters, you can count on protection from the elements no matter what the forecast reads. And with gutter brightening, you can keep your curb appeal at its best while this important part of your property gets to work!

A Solution for Tiger Striping

Many gutters in our region experience a phenomenon called “ tiger striping.” This happens when rain droplets cascade down the side of your gutter system, carrying dirt and other contaminants with them. The result:

  • Is an eyesore: Tiger striping will make your property’s first impression take a deep dive.
  • Destroys gutter quality: Dirty gutters also allow particulate matter to settle into the surface, which can result in everything from rust to degraded quality.
  • Inhibits curb appeal: Gutters might feel like a detail to your property, but their appearance has a massive effect on your exterior aesthetic.

Whether you’re putting your home on the market or giving your property a much-needed refresh, our team is here for you. We specialize in a gutter brightening service that will make your system shine!

Our Gutter Brightening Solution

We strive to bring the best curb appeal to your property and protect the structural integrity of your gutter system. With our professional gutter brightening approach, we can balance both needs with ease. Our service includes:

  • Inspecting the system to see if there are any areas that need special attention.
  • Cleaning the exterior gutter system to remove dirt, debris, and stubborn buildup.
  • Removing tiger striping with our deep cleaning process.
  • Brightening the gutters to make them shine and stand out for all the right reasons.

Your gutters might kick their usefulness into high gear when the forecast calls for rain, but they’re a pivotal part of your property all year long. With an annual gutter brightening solution from Lil Squirt Power Washing, you can ensure that this functional part of your property is also a curb appeal magnet!