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Everyone deserves a beautiful deck, one that will serve as a setting to entertain friends and family. Our deck & fence restoration service delivers. With the expertise of our team, you get the most out of your surfaces for the long run.

Comprehensive Service for Exceptional Quality

A beautifully maintained deck and the fence doesn’t just add value to your home; it makes your space an exemplar of curb appeal, too! Our team delivers complete wood cleaning and restoration services for all your exterior surfaces, including:

  • Decks
  • Fences
  • Pergolas
  • Arbors
  • Gazebos
  • Wood furniture

The Need for Deck Cleaning

When the elements and your wood surfaces combine, the result is simple: wear and tear. Left untreated, any type of wood structure falls victim to dirt and mold, which in turn results in:

  • Lasting damage from mildew, mold, and other bacterial growth. Rot and decay are never a welcome addition to your home.
  • Injury risk when mold accumulates, creating slippery surfaces. This triggers a significant risk of “slip and fall” accidents
  • Reduced home value from degraded surfaces.
  • Costly repairs that can even result in a need for a complete deck or fence replacement project

This is where Lil Squirt Power Washing comes in handy. We’re not just a pressure washing company. Our team delivers a carefully crafted, professional service that uses:

  • Low pressure: We know that when high-pressure water is applied to a wooden deck or fence it can become severely damaged. Our low-pressure washing approach is safe and effective. It’s the only way to clean your wood surfaces in a way that is effective without exposing them to the risk of wear and tear.
  • Year-round maintenance: We can provide routine maintenance cleanings that will leave any wood structure looking beautiful. Discounted rates are given to you if you schedule us to perform routine maintenance.
    Part of maintaining these items includes having the wood sealed, which helps the product last longer. It is best to let our team renew your deck with our state of the art equipment and talented employees.

Superior Wood Restoration Services

Your property’s wooden surfaces are some of your favorite parts of your exterior — so let’s make sure they last! Lil Squirt Power Washing provides the following wood restoration services to invest in your exterior:

  • Wood stripping
  • Wood cleaning
  • Brightening & neutralizing
  • Wood staining & sealing

Get complete service, superior results, and a convenient experience with support from Lil Squirt Pressure Washing. Our team is here to make your exterior succeed!

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