Chilliwack is a city with natural majestic beauty, abundant recreational and lifestyle opportunities and a sound business sector, including prosperous agricultural, industrial and commercial industries.

People choose to live in Chilliwack because of our low tax rates, affordable housing costs and exceptional quality of life.

Discover our lifestyle, offering all the benefits of our natural surroundings, rural setting, family oriented neighborhoods and the convenience and facilities of a vibrant urban core. Discover our community … Discover Chilliwack!

These words describe the beautiful city of Chilliwack, and demonstrate the reasons why citizens take a lot of pride in their community and their properties. Those are also reasons why Chilliwack is a natural fit for the services provided by our company, Lil Squirt Power Washing Inc. We too take a lot of pride in our work and in what we can do for the residents and commercial businesses to help them keep their properties looking good for today, and helping preserve that look for the future. As Chilliwack is only 67 km. from our home office location in Maple Ridge, we are well situated to provide quick response and timely service to any requests.

You likely reached our site as a result of searching for services like Pressure Washing or Power Washing, and we are very pleased that you have landed on our site. We work hard at keeping our ratings high, primarily as a result of our excellence in service that we pride ourselves on, and if you search our ratings and reviews you will see that our service is something we make sure is second to none. We know that our reputation and customer satisfaction history speak to why we are consistently ranked as the best in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. We will never leave a job until you are 100% satisfied!

We have put our website together to provide some information on the services we provide and also a bit of a description of the various services and when and how they are used, to give people a bit of an understanding of why and what each service is used for.

Pressure Washing

This is likely the most commonly used service or approach used for most exterior home cleaning. It is the use of high pressure water together with appropriate cleaning solutions to provide the most effective cleaning possible for certain exteriors and situations. This would also be the method used for most roof cleaning jobs. Our technicians are well trained and experienced in using the right pressures for the job being worked on, taking into consideration the materials being cleaned, the condition, and ensuring no damage is done to the siding, roofing materials, etc., and also that no damage is done to the interior walls as a result of too much water pressure.

Power Washing

This is also using pressure to clean the materials being worked with. The difference here is the use of VERY hot water along with the appropriate pressure and cleaning agents to most effectively address the cleaning required. This approach is normally used on more hardy surfaces, like cement driveways as an example. It will easily tackle things like stuck on chewing gum, or grease or oil stains without doing any damage to the surface. We also ensure our cleaning solutions and entire approach is not damaging to your landscaping or to the environment.

Soft House Washing

This approach is self-explanatory. With certain exterior materials, the best approach to use is a delicate, lower pressure approach with the correct cleaning solutions to provide the crisp, clean finish we want, while ensuring the exterior materials are not damaged, the landscape preserved and environmental safety is maintained. As indicated earlier, some exterior finishes simply will not withstand much pressure, so our technicians know the proper pressures to use to not damage materials and provide the long-term cleaning required.

Our professionals are well-trained to know the most effective approaches to use for various situations.

All of these approaches apply as well to any commercial properties we work with. Our extensive experience and careful, professional service will get you/us the desired results in a cost-competitive manner. We will work hard to earn your satisfaction and return business!

We will recommend the best solutions for your situation and always deliver the best approach with the most effective results in a timely and cost-effective fashion. Please give us a call to discuss your needs and allow us to provide you a free quote for your job!