Happy Tenants = A Happy Property Manager

Condo/Townhome/HOA Cleaning

Every day is an adventure when you manage a multi-unit property. But Lil Squirt Pressure Washing will help you ensure that the essentials of property maintenance are always covered.

Our Apartment Complex Cleaning Promise

The real estate market is competitive – and it’s far preferable to retain tenants than it is to be on the lookout for new residents. With a routine pressure washing and exterior cleaning service, your property will always put its best foot forward. We create a space that is:

  • Curb appeal friendly
    Our complete range of pressure washing and soft washing services will make your property stand out for the best reasons. Tenants feel satisfied every time they approach the apartment complex – and potential renters will look upon your property favorably.
  • Safer
    With industry-grade pressure washing technology, we remove all buildup that compromises the safety of your hardscapes. Tenants can walk with confidence – and you can rest assured that you’re minimizing the potential of any liability.
  • Accessible
    We deliver a pressure washing service that will keep your building exterior, sidewalk, driveway, patio, entryway, and even stairwells at their best. No part of your property is off-limits to our exterior cleaning services, so you’re getting a complete solution.

It’s time for your property to put its best foot forward. With routine apartment complex cleaning, you’re getting quality that lasts – and curb appeal that makes an impression.