These pictures say a lot about the pride and heritage in the city and district in Metro Vancouver called Port Moody. Residents take a lot of pride in their heritage and in keeping their community and properties looking great. That is very evident in the cleanliness and beauty of the different areas of the city.

That is one of the reasons why our company is so well aligned with the needs of the residents and businesses as Lil Squirt Power Washing Inc. also takes a lot of pride in our business and in helping communities like Port Moody look good and stay looking good for the future. Our home location is in Maple Ridge, which is only 23 km away, making us well situated to be able to quickly and effectively service the community and surrounding areas.

You have likely reached our website as a result of searching for Pressure Washing or Power Washing services. We are very happy you have been directed to our site. We put a lot of effort into keeping our website at the top of people’s searches, and we keep it there through our strong customer satisfaction ratings and top rankings in our industry. Those ratings and customer reviews are there for you to take a look at to ensure you know you are getting the best, and a company and group of people who care about the work we do. We pride ourselves in striving for 100% customer satisfaction and we won’t leave a job until you are completely satisfied.

We have put our website together to try and provide an overview of the services we provide, together with some explanations of those services so you have a better understanding of what might be best for your situation. We also make ourselves available to discuss all of these with you if you so wish.

There are three cleaning approaches used for exterior home and commercial properties.

Pressure Washing,
Power Washing, and
Soft House Washing

Pressure Washing

is the most commonly used approach for most exterior house washing or roof washing. It is the use of high water pressure together with the most effective cleaning solutions and when done by our well trained technicians provides a superb finish without damaging any of the siding materials, roofing materials or your landscape and is done in an environmentally safe fashion. Extreme care is taken that the proper pressures are used for the materials being worked with, and our state of the art equipment helps ensure the job is done in the best fashion possible.

Power washing

is also high water pressure washing, however it also uses VERY hot water. This approach which also uses the correct cleaning solution for the materials being worked on, ensure the best possible cleaning while ensuring no damage is done to the materials being cleaned. This type of cleaning would likely be used on a rugged surface like a cement driveway or walkway, and particularly if there were elements like some old chewing gum stuck to the cement for a long time, or stubborn grease or oil stains. You will simply be amazed at how your property looks after this is done!

Soft House Washing

speaks for itself. We use this approach for most houses in the Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland areas, as it is most effective with the more sensitive materials being cleaned, ensuring no damage is done to the surface or behind the surface elements, like soft woods, and inner walls of buildings. Again, our experienced and well trained staff are very proficient in using the most effective and proper approach for every situation.

Our climate makes proper cleaning techniques so necessary, as it isn’t simply removing the algae, mold or moss from our properties, it is getting to their roots as well with proper chemicals that will help curtail their growth while not harming the house materials, ensuring longer protection for you and your investment.

These approaches also apply to any commercial properties we work with. The approach we use is entirely dependent on the construction materials we are working with, the condition it is in, the extent of the cleaning required, the surroundings, etc. Our extensive experience and careful, professional service will get you/us the desired results in a cost-competitive manner. We will earn your satisfaction and return business!

We will always recommend the best solutions for your situation and deliver the best approach in an effective, timely and cost-effective fashion. Please give us a call to discuss your needs and allow us to provide you a free quote for your job!