Vancouver is a bustling, west coast seaport and is among Canada’s densest, most ethnically diverse cities. The diversity of the city is also evident in the homes and commercial properties evident in different areas of the city. We have developed our company to be able to work with all of the diversities possible, as keeping them clean looking is always desirable, regardless of the age or materials of the construction. Having the right mobile equipment for our business makes us an ideal provider of exterior house and commercial property cleaning in the Vancouver area, the Greater Vancouver area, the Lower Mainland, the Fraser Valley and much more. We are strategically located in Maple Ridge we are only 44 km from the heart of Vancouver, easily accessed and serviced given our broad outreach. We pride ourselves in being rated as the best in the business in the broad BC market, and believe part of the reason for those rankings is our companies philosophy of having “completely satisfied customers”. We live those words in every job we do and want our customers 100% satisfied with our work before we leave. Our success stories abound in the excellent reviews we have received in this regard.

You have likely reached this site as a result of your searching for a Pressure Washing or Power Washing service in the Vancouver area. I am very happy that you have reached our website as we do believe we can provide you the best service and value you desire. We have tried to put some information on our site to help people understand the different services we offer, along with a brief description of what those services include so you can better understand what might be best for your situation.

There are basically three different types of exterior washing available for cleaning homes, stratas, commercial properties, decks, parking lots, etc.

Pressure Washing
Power Washing, and
Soft House Washing

Pressure Washing

is simply the use of high-pressure water combined with the most appropriate cleaning solutions to tackle the surface being cleaned. Higher pressure cleaning is more associated with tougher surfaces such as concrete or decks, etc. and the pressure is regulated to the appropriate materials. It is likely the approach used most often in cleaning house exteriors, but also is most effective for a variety of conditions.

Power Washing

is also the use of pressure and water but the difference being it also includes the use of VERY hot water along with the most effective cleaning solutions to address the surface materials being cleaned. It would be a more effective solution for a concrete driveway as an example if there were things like stuck on gum in places, or grease or oil residue in spots, and concrete being a very tough, resilient material that wouldn’t be negatively impacted by this approach. Our technicians are trained in the best approaches and mixtures to be using to give you the desired finished product, while ensuring the environment is considered, and the surrounding landscape is not damaged.

Soft House Washing

speaks for itself. It simply is just that, a softer, lower pressure approach used with the most effective cleaning agents to clean certain materials. We want to make sure that our approach does not do any damage to under the surface materials, or inner walls by too high of pressure being used with soft materials, and again, our technicians are professionally trained to use the most effective approaches.

In our coastal environment, we have to deal with things like moss, algae, mold and other climate related elements, and Lil Squirt has the experience and done the research on the most effective ways to address all of them. It isn’t simply a matter of removing these growths, but more importantly removing the ability for them to reproduce again soon. Our cleaning solutions and washing techniques get you the best approaches for your specific needs.

Your satisfaction is our satisfaction! We know the importance of word of mouth advertising and also know and value the need for repeat business. We’re in the market for the long term, not just a short term clean for you! Please give us a call and a chance at proving our worth to you! We’ll both be glad you did!